perjantai 18. maaliskuuta 2011


I quit my school few days ago and now i can breath freely. I was so stressed out about my school last 2 years and finally i quit it. Now i just head to find i work and moving to other city called Lappeenranta. I hope that i can start ''new life'' there. I got many new friends there after new year and those peoples knows how to party. This weekend i think i need to be sober cuz out of cash, but its not problem. I wait summer so much and i got feeling that next summer will be best summer in my life. I met so many new people and they are so awesome. I might write some of my writings in finnish, becouse its my motherlanguage and i'm definetly better in that language. My english sucks still :D

This time i link my favourite one of Infected mushroom. I listen mostly psychedelic trance, dnb, hardcore, dubstep and others like those.

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